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JohnRWilley newton+ at
Wed Nov 15 19:38:11 CET 1995

Hi.  I'm looking to get into instrument building, and I'm looking for
advice.  I have only a minimal understanding of electronics but I'm looking
to learn by doing.  Besides, I live in an honors dormitory full of EE and
physics types, so I'm not too concerned.  I've gotten some old books from
the library, including "Build a Better Music Synthesizer" by Thomas Henry.
It's one of those mid-80's TAB books.  What are the odds that some of the
components used in the projects are still available?  They are mostly CEM

My other option is the PAiA Fatman.  I'd have a kit, midi and everthing in
one box.  How useful is this box?  Is it any fun?  I've heard that's it's
not a bad project, even for a philosophy major like me.  Yes, I do own a
soldering iron and have even used it!

So, I'm looking for books, advice and maybe even some leads on supplies.
I'm probably going to go for the Fatman, unless someone can offer better

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