Barue Er E Dees

Fractals You Can Eat ms20 at
Sat Nov 4 23:48:24 CET 1995

Just got the new Mouser catalog:

on page 11:

BLUE LEDs: 1-9 for $.82, 10-99 for $.68, 100-1 zillion, $.57

That's good news, but the clincher is:

Multi color LEDs:

"This is a unique LED indicator design which combines a red, green, and two 
blue chips in a single 5mm package.  This device is able to produce a wide 
range of colors in the visible spectrum by simply varying the current to 
each of the LEDs.  The industry standard 5mm package has a white diffused 
lens which allows color mixing within the package.  The multi-color 
package allows unlimited design and product flexibility by choosing any 
color desired and allowing the flexibility to change the color later."

Included is a table of different current values to each pin for creating 
various colors.  Pricing: 1-9 for $2.57 each, 10-99 for $2.14 apiece, 100 
and up $1.79.


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