AW: Another one..

Brian Coates nobrand at
Wed May 31 21:09:02 CEST 1995

> How essential is an oscilloscope when building synths? I mean is it (like
>a soldering iron :-P) necessary? Or just a luxury?

        A scope is not necesarry _most_ of the time.  But it's nice to have
when you do need it.  If you see a project you want to do, it's already
been tested most of the time, and only needs to be assembled.  The only
reasons it shouldn't work, are

a) you put it together wrong, which could be seen with the naked eye, no
scope necessary.

b) There is a faulty part, which you would need a scope.  This doesn't
happen too often, though (for me)

c) the project came from a TAB book, and may just be incorrect!  ;)

        Anyway, don't wait until you have a scope to build a synth, but by
all means, plan on having _something_ in the future, if you don't already.

        There are more important things, like a DVM.  And TOOLS.  Good
clippers, strippers, needlenose pliers, a scribe, and a good iron all come
before a scope.


PS the Builder's FAQ is almost done.

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