yet another introduction, as if you want to know :)

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Wed May 31 21:03:54 CEST 1995

Hi... looks like this is the thing to do...?
Just signed up for this list today.  That makes, hmmm... eight lists,
I think.  Yuk.  It's a wonder I get any real work done...
Anyway, this is kind of a budding hobby for me, I'm starting off,
really.  The only things I've built are a DAC (for PC parallel port)
and a little distortion pedal (ascii-matic on my homepage) so far.
I'd like to try a ring-modulator next but hadn't decided which one yet.
Building an entire synth is best reserved for when I have more money,
although it's something I'd like to do eventually.
So, anyway, right now I've got a small setup, Juno106 and my computer.
Lost the use of my recorder, so I'm down to whatever I can juryrig until
I get money :(
Oh well, that's me.  Glad to be on another list of fun guys. :)

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