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Michael Zacherl mz at
Wed May 31 17:06:43 CEST 1995

Hi all!

I'm glad to join this list!

My first question to the people here:

Who is building or at least strongly considering to build a synthesizer?
If yes, what kind of synth (analog/digital etc.)?

My Situation is roughly the same like Rick's:

Never had the time and money to build something like the formant when it was 
modern (when I was a student), but I'm still being fascinated by any kind of 
smart synth (currently the Clavia Nord Lead :-).
I'm strongly considering building a synth but hadn't done any decision. Since 
DOEPFER (a german manufacturer) proposes a very cheap (i.e. good priced) 
Modular System (the A-100) it would make more sense to me to consider the 
purchase of such a synthesizer.

How's about you all?



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