Speaking of Digital.

Brian Coates nobrand at teleport.com
Tue May 30 21:11:40 CEST 1995

>Y-ellow all.
>        I take it we can talk about digital issues here as well. I stoped
>building analogue stuff years ago. <---Obvious flame bait.

        You evil person.

>Actually I have nothing against Analog gear. Where would we be without it?
>Just that I wondered if people actually build digital wigits or am I the
>only one?

        Yeah, I've messed about with different things, mostly for control
and MIDI, but I've fooled around with digital sound sources as well.  I got
interested in DSP a couple years ago, but the cost was prohibitive, the
cheapest development board I could find was around $600 with the software,
and that's a bit much for an experimentor..  I would still like to fool
around with digital filters, I used to have an EMAX II and I really loved
the sound of those.

        Mostly, though, I am interested in building small MIDI projects
when it comes to digital.  MIDI>CV converters, Channel filters, CV>MIDI,
things like that.  In fact, the last one is of particular interest to me
right now.

        I'd like to have a box that took the inputs of several CV sources,
LFOs for instance, and could be routed to different MIDI continuous
controllers.  Send those CCs to filter cutoff, PWM, resonance, ring mod
amount, etc.  VOILA!  The ultimate random ambient machine.


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