Speaking of Digital.

Batz Goodfortune batzman at apanix.apana.org.au
Tue May 30 18:57:05 CEST 1995

Y-ellow all.
	I take it we can talk about digital issues here as well. I stoped
building analogue stuff years ago. <---Obvious flame bait.

Actually I have nothing against Analog gear. Where would we be without it?
Just that I wondered if people actually build digital wigits or am I the
only one?

I use to like playing round with those digital voice recorder chips TI put
out a few years back. Not very practical but loads of fun. I even built a
Digital delay line once. Using Sigma/delta. Actually it turned out to be a
really cool way to shunt analog signals arround over long distances too. 

Then again there's nothing like poking a bunch of balanced audio signals
down a 50 pair telephone cable through the roof of your house. Hey! You
never know when you might want to stick a microphone (or two) in your

Just asking tiz all.

Be chill.

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