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Wed May 31 03:00:00 CEST 1995


For all those who don't know me from AH and bode, I am going to
introduce myself. (Ah, You got me! Just to boast and gloat ;->)

Favorite music I am listening to: Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream,
Klaus Schulze, Gentle Giant, Tori Amos, Brian Eno.
Own musical style: Ambient and Experimental.
Most-loved Integrated Circuit: SSM2040.

Gear list:

Prophet 5, rev. 3.1
Oberheim OB-8, latest rev. w/ original Midi.
  Modified for Poly Modulation (Audio Frequency Filter
Korg MS-20 (modified for PWM by LFO)
Korg CX-3 organ, w/ Doepfer Midi and many mods
Korg Polysix-effectsection in 19" box
CLS-222 Lesley clone (home built)
Clone of Roland MKS-30 chorus unit (home built)
Kawai K1rII
Kawai CA-600 digital piano (w/ wooden keys)
Alesis D-4
Moog Polypedal
Roland D-550 + PG-1000
Yamaha TX81Z
8-band Vocoder (homebuilt; based on Paia design)
  (to be replaced by a mixture of the Sennheiser and
   Syntovox vocoder, 20 bands, within this year. My
   next large project!)
Rackmounted Minimoog-Clone (homebuilt; original
  VCF and VCA design, but VCO's with SSM2033's
  and ENV's with SSM2056's)
Roland Space Echo (RE-201)
Bavarian Zither (from my grandpa. Can anyone tell me what
  the right tuning is for those many strings? Might make a great
  "Physical Resonator" ...)
6-stage-Phaser (home built)
Dr. Boehm Phasing Rotor (BBD-based. Produces this
   "Solina" sound)
JH-1 Semi-Modular Synthesizer (for signal processing,
  without VCO's; inspired by FORMANT circuits)
JH-2 Modular Synthesizer (discrete VCO's, SSM 2044
  filter, SSM 2056 envelopes, SSM 2020 VCA's,
  Doepfer-based Midi)
Soon to come: Dynacord TAM19 and SRV(???) BBD delay units
  (these are XLarge: 3 Rack units each!)

and currently in progress:
JH-3 Modular Synthesizer.
Planned: 20 Modules, ca. 12cm x 20cm front panel each module.
11 Modules ready and working, so far:
(1)   Dual VCO (CEM3340-based, with 6 types of Sync)
(2)   Dual VC-ADSR (SSM2056-based)
(3)   Variable-Slope 6-pole Phaser/Filter (based on two Electronotes
(4)   SEM-filter with envelope (Oberheim's design + SSM2056)
(5)   Vintage SSM VCF & VCA (SSM2040 + SSM2020; VC-Resonance)
(6)   Interpolating Scanner (SSM2024-based crossfade over 8 VCAs)
(7)   Audio Interface (2 Stereo input channels, 2 Stereo output channels)
(8)   Dual VCA/Panner/X-Fader (SSM2024-based. Linear Gain controls,
       exponential Pan/X-fade controls)
(9)   Ramp LFO Bank (5 Triangle LFO's + pseudo random)
(10) 2 x 8-Step Sequencer (very simple, with CD4017)
(11) Octave Filter Bank (EMS-clone)
(12) Manual Control Module (A Joystick with quad VCA, switchable from
       4-in-1 to 1-in-4, and switchable from Mix to Separate. Fade means
       all sources are 50% in middle position, Separate means zero in
       middle position.)
2 Modules Currently in Progress (waiting for the right potentiometers):
(13) Quadrature (Sin/Cos) VCO/LFO + Komparator + Manual CV's
(14) Ringmodulator + Sample&Hold + Mixers + VCA + Lag + Noise


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