Analog Morphing

Brian Coates nobrand at
Thu Jun 1 17:45:15 CEST 1995

>If "true analogue synth" applies to storable and midi-controllable synths,
>why should there be any problem in morphing? The parameters are all read
>from RAM or front panel pots, then D/A converted, multiplexed and routed to
>analogue modules as CV's. Morphing just changes these parameters from MUX
>update cycle to the next. I cannot think of any reason why Morphing should
>not work on a Matrix-12 (to take an example), just with the apropriate
>The capability of morphing has nothing to do with analogue or digital
>or filter realisation.

        EXCELLENT POINT!!  It would be sort of like "parameter portamento"!

        This would be exciting..  Think of the possibilities.  Wow.  Well,
this is the list for that sort of thing, I guess.  Who wants to implement
it first?  (heh heh)  I'm gonna have to fool with this idea as a module or
something.   Hmmmm..


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