Formant RFM

Rick Jansen sscprick at
Mon Jun 19 14:42:28 CEST 1995

In message <950618002457_100044.3341_EHK30-1 at CompuServe.COM> you write:
> ... I saw the Resonance Filter Module in your Formant se
> tup.
> Besides the common functionality - how das it  sound?  Would it be possible
>   to
> achieve something like the E-mu Morpheus'  Diphtong filtering if you combin
> e
> more of them?  Or are they two 'weak'??? As I recall from the original book
>  the
> have about  +-15dB Att./Damp.   Is that correct? What you recommend it at a
> ll?

Um, these questions are a bit difficult to answer, as the Formant 
RFM is the only RFM I know/have played with. I have built just one,
but I'll put together a few more. I already have the pcb's. The 
reason for building some more is actually that I'm not too impressed
with the influence of one filter and I'm hoping cascading a few will
be more interesting. 

Rick Jansen
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S&H's a module and s&h's looking good

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