Moog ladder filter

Michael Zacherl mz at
Fri Jun 16 00:37:14 CEST 1995

Hi Rick,

> In my setup the filter seems to work nicely. It oscillates well
> with Q turned up to max, and happily stays in tune with the 
> Formant VCO's over at least 5 octaves.

Meanwhile I checked out a friend's Minimoogs (mine's still in some box :-(  )

It might be possible to tune and adjust the filter that it stays tumed that well ..
both of the Minis (one has the 'old VCOs' the other the new, decoupled ones) couldn't perform that good when I tried them. I assume I'd be happy if mine would stay in tune along the 3 1/2 ocatve keyboard ...  ,-(

Tuning the filter was a bit of pain as I recall ... when I've setup everything @ home I'll try again.


BTW: your design made me quite curious!

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