AW: Cloning the SSM2040 (was: SSM vs. CE

Barry Klein 714-932-7493 KLEIN_B at A1.WDC.COM
Thu Jun 15 02:18:00 CEST 1995

When I was researching my book years ago, I went up to SSM and talked to the
guys and had a tour of Exar (where the chips were made).  Ron Dow is one 
name I remember.  Other than that I would suggest finding some old timers
at Exar to see if they stay in contact with ex-SSM people.  Also there may
be some of the SSM people that followed traveled with the product line to 
PMI and then to Analog Devices.  Jerry Zis, the product manager at ADI, was
originally with PMI.  But be forwarned that the original discrete prototypes
were not some small 3"x3" board with some transistors - they were like a foot
square and packed with stuff!

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