AW: RE: AW: SSM vs. CEM Chips

Michael Zacherl mz at
Wed Jun 14 17:25:57 CEST 1995

> If You have a broken old Prophet, there still is "Vine Country". They still
> have SSM's, but man, You *need* some gold to afford them.

I heard about Wine Country. A friend of mine has problems .. I'll call them.

> Mine are nor for sale.

I didn't expect that ;-)

> It's funny but I don't know the exact reason why 2040's sound that good.
> It has to do with some crude signal limiting OTA design on this chip,
> but I haven't seen more than there is in the data sheets. If I only knew
> the internal circuit ... I'm sure we could build a discrete replacement.

Hmm .. with a bit of luck we get some sheets from somewhere ... but would it be really the same? I'm sure we could build something pretty good ... but a discrete clone of a 2040?
You made me curious ...


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