AW: RE: AW: SSM vs. CEM Chips

Haible_Juergen#Tel2743 HJ2743 at
Wed Jun 14 18:30:00 CEST 1995

> Well ... how much gold???
> Reading your Intro-Mail I assumed that at least you have some of them on
> stock :-)

Well, note that proud "Vintage" word in connection with 2040 and 2020!

The SSM2024 (quad VCA, from Analogue Devices, nowadays) is a different
thing. Still manufactured, as well as some fine Mic preamps and the like 
AD under the name SSM. Maplin (UK) has them in stock.

> > (5)   Vintage SSM VCF & VCA (SSM2040 + SSM2020; VC-Resonance)
> So ... I know most of the Curtis stuff ... even if SSMs aren't availiable
> anymore ... what's the main difference? Are they as 'easy to handle' (hum
> hum) as the CEM chips, are they critical, what makes their sound etc...
> I assumed you'd tell us the reason why you chose the SSM2040 as your most
> beloved circuit...
> As far as I can recall the Phrophet V was firstly built with SSMs and then
> Sequential moved to  other Manufacturer (Curtis??). What's true? What do 
> know about it. Can a broken P. V with SSMs be fixed (if one of the SSMs
> fails).

If You have a broken old Prophet, there still is "Vine Country". They still
have SSM's, but man, You *need* some gold to afford them.
A guy who recently posted on AH demands similar prices.
Mine are nor for sale.

It's funny but I don't know the exact reason why 2040's sound that good.
It has to do with some crude signal limiting OTA design on this chip,
but I haven't seen more than there is in the data sheets. If I only knew
the internal circuit ... I'm sure we could build a discrete replacement.


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