AW: SSM vs. CEM Chips

Michael Zacherl mz at
Wed Jun 14 00:41:24 CEST 1995

>> Some of you mentioned SSM chips recently ...
>> How do they compare to the Curtis chips and where can I get them?
>> I'd prefer a local store (oh well, you wouldn't know) or at least
>>  somewhere in the neighbourhood (i.e. Germany :-)

>Congrats, You won the price for the mail of the week!

>(Beg Your pardon, I couldn't resist. SSMs - well, the interesting
>ones at least - are long out of production, ultra rare and worth
>their weight in gold.)


Well ... how much gold??? 

Reading your Intro-Mail I assumed that at least you have some of them on stock :-)

> and currently in progress:
> JH-3 Modular Synthesizer.
> Planned: 20 Modules, ca. 12cm x 20cm front panel each module.
> 11 Modules ready and working, so far:
> (1)   Dual VCO (CEM3340-based, with 6 types of Sync)
> (2)   Dual VC-ADSR (SSM2056-based)
> (3)   Variable-Slope 6-pole Phaser/Filter (based on two Electronotes
>       ideas)
> (4)   SEM-filter with envelope (Oberheim's design + SSM2056)
> (5)   Vintage SSM VCF & VCA (SSM2040 + SSM2020; VC-Resonance)
> (6)   Interpolating Scanner (SSM2024-based crossfade over 8 VCAs)
> (7)   Audio Interface (2 Stereo input channels, 2 Stereo output channels)
> (8)   Dual VCA/Panner/X-Fader (SSM2024-based. Linear Gain controls,
>       exponential Pan/X-fade controls)

So ... I know most of the Curtis stuff ... even if SSMs aren't availiable anymore ... what's the main difference? Are they as 'easy to handle' (hum hum) as the CEM chips, are they critical, what makes their sound etc...
I assumed you'd tell us the reason why you chose the SSM2040 as your most beloved circuit...

As far as I can recall the Phrophet V was firstly built with SSMs and then Sequential moved to  other Manufacturer (Curtis??). What's true? What do you know about it. Can a broken P. V with SSMs be fixed (if one of the SSMs fails).


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