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If anyone is *really* craving for SSM chips, here's an article from 

Article: 55060 of
From: James Husted <jhusted at>
Subject: Re: modular builder looking for SSM, CEM chips
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 1995 22:32:32 -0700

This is a re-post of some stuff I'm selling that you might be interested in.
I also have numerous other ssm chips also (2014,2015,2016,2018,2110,2120 
etc.) but in small quantities.

Here are some SSM chips I've had for years and have finally decided to let
go of. They have been tested where possible (if I have circuitry that uses
the same chips). The chips come with data sheets, and if available, with 
application notes. The prices reflect what I consider to be market value 
based on similar parts (Curtis etc) and on what they are worth for me to 
part with them. If they seem high to you please don't flame me about it, 
just don't buy them. The quantities listed are what I have in stock and 
will be sold on a first come, first served basis (based on when email is 
recieved) except if someone wants to out-bid others before they are shipped. 
Here's the list with brief descriptions given. If you need more info 
just e me.

IC:             Description:                                      QTY     $US
SSM2040         4-section VCF w/10,000:1 freq range. Can be made   10    $40
(tested)        into almost any filter design - 24db/oct lowpass
                or hipass, bandpass, allpass, notch, biquad,
                state varible, multi-mode etc. This is the older 
                version of the SSM2044. The main difference is 
                that the transconductance amps have separate ins 
                and outs and so all filter types can be realized. 
                Note: to get voltage-controlled resonace you'll need an 
                external VCA in a feed-back loop arrangment. 

SSM2200         DYNAFEX(TM) noise reduction system. Basically a     2    $30
                30db single ended noise reduction chip that's a
                EXPANDER in one unit that makes a level dependent
                filter open up when there's sound present.

The filter chips are great for the 24dB/oct filters found on ARP's and 
the old modular E-Mu's (which of course built by the founders of SSM).
The SSM2040 also can be configured to be a 12dB/oct LP/BP/HP (and with 
some external tricks a Notch filter) at the same time like an Oberhiem SEM.

If you buy all 10 You can make one MONSTER VC-EQ! 

**  James E. Husted     **
**  jhusted at **

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