AW: Mini-Moog clone sound

Michael Zacherl mz at
Tue Jun 13 04:59:45 CEST 1995

Hallo Juergen!

> BTW: I heard very bad things about the SE-1 from different sides, but
> nothing concrete. What is its problem? What VCO's does it use?
> Does it have harware or software envelopes? How good is the resolution?

I played around with the SE-1 a while ago. Unfortunately I didn't have any direct comparison accept my memory. Anyway .. basically this thing sounds good. One can hear the difference between the two different Low-pass Filters and they sound pretty good.
But: The SE-1 has a bad resolution for the parameters. Put the VCF into Selfoscillation and tune the VCF while playing the some-thing-like-a-sinusoid tone. You'll hear definite steps. So I think this synth just used 8 bit converters for the potentiometers ... which is a bit like in the late 70s when the first programmable synth came out ... 
I could recall that it sounded good but certainly not like a Moog or an Oberheim. It has it's own quality ...

so short,


PS: Regarding the other details (VCOs, ENVs) I don't have any further information. Anybody else has??

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