The Rhodes Chroma's Sound

Michael Zacherl mz at
Tue Jun 6 16:38:38 CEST 1995

>         There was a CD a few years ago that a roommate bought, I forget the
> name, but I want it.  It featured the Chroma on a track.  This CD was set
> up to spotlight a different synth on each track.  Some of the synths I
> remember were Chroma, Mono/Poly, Synthi(I think), MiniMoog, I think one or
> two of the Jupiters, there were close to 15 or 20 tracks, I think.  Each
> track was made using ONLY the specific instrument, multitracked.  I believe
> it was a German fellow, but I'm not sure.  I just remember it was great.  I
> can find more about this, unless someone here already knows what I'm
> talking about.

These CD's ( #3 just has been released) are from the series "Sythesizer von Gestern" (Vintage 
Synthesizers) from Mathias Becker/Klaus Stuehlen and Oscar Sala (on #3). The Chroma Sounds are 
on the first CD but don't show all the power of the Chroma (is it possible on a single track?) 
But: The tracks are a pretty good selection of standard sounds of the presented synths and 
have good sound-quality.

My intension was to put samples of single notes using Chroma-Sounds onto a ftp-site. I found 
the Music Machines site as a possibility, but looking at the really nice www-page 
( shows some space for samples, but there are no 
samples ...

To Mike: How are youre plans providing samples of the named synths? 



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