The Rhodes Chroma's Sound (was: RE: VCO design)

Michael Zacherl mz at
Fri Jun 2 20:08:42 CEST 1995

> That's interesting! How would you describe the Chroma sound? How does
> it compare with for example the Prophet-5, or ARPs monosynths?
> I haven't played a Chroma for years.

> -joachim

Hmmm .. How to describe the Chromas sound? Let's try:

Chroma sounds have a lot of power and are somewhat bizzare. It has a nice 
internal voice-structure which allows uncommon filter/vco combinations 
including cross-modulation etc. You also can program sounds which are like a 
bit from the digital domain but the basic sound is truly analog. Due to the 
multiple keyboardmodes which the Chroma provides (some are like on a Jupter 8) 
it is able to produce pretty thick sounds. I got a MIDI Interface which allows 
me the use of four patches simultaniously. Unfortunately programming the 
Chroma is painfull since it has a very little LED-Display and one DATA-slider. 
I refuse to ship the Chroma or just take it on the road because it's a very 
heavy box and somewhat weak. It happens relatively easy that one of the eight 
soundboards (each contains two voices) loosens and fails when powering up the 
Chroma again.
I regret that I don't have any public ftp/www server here, I could generate 
some sample-snippets from sounds which are some sort of typical/unique and put 
them here when my workroom is finished and everythings up and running (I've 
just moved).


BTW: (To all of you)
I found some nice pointers to some Synth-pages on the web which you probably 
know allready. Could we put together all of these pointers or build up a 
comprehensive archive of information and soundexamples for instance? It's just 
a rough idea but one of the biggest problems is the unavailiability of an 
general index.
It might be that there is allready something like that but they don't seeme to 
grow that much...
Any other ideas??

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