Popular Electronics Theremin

Michael Zacherl mz at bacher.co.at
Fri Jun 2 17:17:25 CEST 1995

>>>         I have downloaded copies ofthis, but they are in .PS format.  I
>>> don't have anything postscript.  Grrr.  Are there any .GIF or .JPEG
>>> versions out there?
>>I could try to convert ... I'm interested too ... what site/directory?

>        I have looked all over for where I got it, and can't find it.  I
> have all three files that came with it.  I can just send it to you if you
> like.

> Brian

Yup .. that would be great ... I'll try to convert them here and send it back to you as 
gif-files. A mail attachment should do it for us.

Rick: How's about putting dem on the DIY - Page????



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