Digital Mixing.

Batz Goodfortune batzman at
Thu Jun 1 19:50:52 CEST 1995

Since I wouldnt dare mention the "D" word on AH, I'll bombard you with it

Anyone Know of a chip(set) that will perform digital mixing. Best I can
find is a DSP from Crystal Semiconductors but it doesn't have multiple
shift registers to take in multiple streems. Preferably I'd like to do
this without using a DSP anyway and I've seen some pretty weird chips from
(of all people) Hiundai that seem to do it but I know nothing about them. 

I belive there are plenty of other manufactures of digital audio chips
besides Crystal Semiconductors but I've only been able to chase down
Crystal data. Christal make some hoopy chips but none realy suited to my

Any ideas? Has anyone actually done this kind of thing? I'm trying to come
up to speed on actual DSP stuff but I don't have enough information. I
can't even decide on a DSP chip that would be best suited.  Digital Audio
in most respects is easy in concept. It's just messy when you don't have a
chip(set) to do the mixing etc. 

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Be CHill.

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