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Michael Zacherl mz at bacher.co.at
Thu Jun 1 20:13:14 CEST 1995

>> How do you think about the Clavia Nord Lead???

> Actually I've never even heard of one b4 people started talking on AH. I
> gather from that, it is designed to emulate analog processes in digital. I
> guess there is a need for that. Providing that it's cheap enough. I
> gather though that this synth costs an arm and a leg and probably a
> testical. 

Hmmm ... I don't know how much's an arm and a leg but it certainly isn't 
It looks like a true analog synth and feel's like one ...
It contains an embedded 6833x chip, and a 56002 DSP managing 4 (12 w/ 
Voiceexpansion) voices.
I think the price covers the assumable high development costs, i.e. the 
quality of the brainware. I never heard a digital synth sounding that rich and 
living (IMHO).

See http://www.websys.com/drums/ddrum/home.html for more infos. 
But this page isn't complete now (That is like it appears to me) ...

> Regardless of wether my assumtions are correct, The only reason I could
> see for wanting to emulate analogue synths in digital would be cost.

Hmm .. that's right but the Nord lead has some features which would be nearly 
impossible or at least hard to implement in an true analog synth (like fading 
each parameter individually with an single controller in an individual range 
and direction, what they call morphing (what else ;-) ) Further more this gear 
has up two twelfe voices, is totally MIDI controllable and is pretty compact 
(Keyboardversion:  865 (W)  265 (D) 105 (H) mm. Weight:  6.7 Kg. 
                                 34.0"(W) 10.4"(D) 4.1"(H)     Weight: 14.7 

> Give me digital gear that is different and exciting and flexable. I don't
> want digital gear that does the same stuff as my analogue gear. I'm only
> interested if it does something different. 
I agree ... 
The price of the Nord Lead is bit steep (at least here in Austria) and there 
might be a lot of  sounds which can be done even better with an true a-synth. 
I know that's a never ending discussion like what car do you like (PLEASE no 
responses on that item ;-)

I got stuff like Mini/Multi Moog, Korg Mono/Poly, JP-8, Rhodes Chroma, TX-816, 
D-50 etc. and I love each of them individually ...



BTW: Does anyone have current prices for the Nord Lead in the USA ??

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