AW: Re: AW: Compensated Exp generators a

Haible_Juergen#Tel2743 HJ2743 at
Thu Jun 1 18:20:00 CEST 1995

> > Another hint: If You use a standard CMOS (CD4066) instead of the
> > the HCMOS type (74HC4066), 15 Volts should not be a problem!
> No, it *must* be a *HC*4066. The normal CMOS versions have a
> higher Rds,on, ca. 100 ohm, as in a normal FET. There is a note
> in a data book on this specific ic, that the analog voltage and
> control voltages may be up to 12V, but it isn't specific about
> Vcc in this case.

Oops, I didn't know that. I know that there is a difference between
'4016 and '4066, and I thought the standard CD4066 had 60 Ohms.
Anyway, what about using all 4 switches in parallel?
But if You want ultra-fast discharge, why not go for the thyristor
solution? (Thyristor made of 1 NPN + 1 PNP transistor. I haven't done
this myself, but it seems to work fine in many Roland and Korg VCOs.)


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