Modular jack sizes (fwd)

Ric Miller rmiller at
Wed Jul 26 02:14:36 CEST 1995

>From: Mark McLemore <mgm at>
><snipped pros and cons of 1/4"; 1/8" and banana jacks by Mark)
>Mark McLemore  ~  mgm at

Well.  It's been about 24hrs since I read Mark's message stating the 
above, and I've become a turncoat!  :)

I'm going to be converting Bernie from 1/4" jacks to Banana jacks this 
weekend.  All 75 + of them (except for Audio IN and OUT jacks which will 
remain 1/4" as well as external CV; Gate and Trigger INs).

What made me change (Me, such a stiff 1/4" proponnent)?
- Finding at work today, that I could buy Banana jacks (Black and Red) for 
about $0.28 CDN instead of the $1.00 - $1.50 that I was expecting;
- Finding out that the jacks that we sell at work will fit into my 
already-drilled holes for 1/4" jacks, without showing the mounting hole 
around the edges of the smaller banana jack
- Realizing that I could fit 4 banana jacks into the space that I current 
mount 1 1/4" jack into.  (I mount my 1/4" jacks 1" apart, horizontally 
and vertically).
- I can still use the 1/4 to 1/4 patch cables that I've already made for
my rack of effects units/patch bays/mixer.
- It's FAR easier to make patch cords using Belden or Carol Test Lead wire,
rather than the shielded mic cable that I'm using at the moment.
- I can colour code my CV and Audio signals and patch cords separately by
just using different colour jacks; plugs and wire, rather than using 
heat shrink tubing or some other method.
- The built in ability of many banana plugs for stacking, saves on panel
space via extra jacks.
- The fact that someone else mentioned, that noise/interferance shouldn't
be a problem with banana patch cords (due to no shielding) because the
CVs and Signals travelling through a typical modular synth 'patch' are so

I'm a convert!  Thanks to finding a cheaper banana jack alternative.  
<happy sigh>  :)

Looking back at that long list of PROs .... does anyone have a list of 
CONs against banana jacks?


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