Analogue cicuit designs

Rick Jansen sscprick at
Tue Jul 25 23:09:34 CEST 1995

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> I have thought about building a modular analogue synth on an off for years,
> but the schematic diagrams always seem to have out of production chips or 
> hard to get matched pair things.  Hasn't analogue synth design matured 
> enough that there are commonly available circuit diagrams using easy-to-get
> components?  I would prefer 'perfect' designs (e.g. where all in and outs 
> are DC -10 to +10) rather than quirky designs which are supposed to have 
> character.  (Sorry if I stepped on someone's favourite Roland box!).

Well, certain circuits rely on effects that may just work with small
signals, like a transistor is only linear in a small operating area.
Same goes for a FET or an OTA. So demanding 'perfect' designs is not 
realistic. The world of electronics simply isn't perfect.

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S&H's a module and s&h's looking good

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