Modular jack sizes

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Tue Jul 25 02:00:45 CEST 1995

     My $0.02:
     I think you got all the bases covered as far as pros & cons on the 3 
     main jack types. I've built both 1/4" and 1/8" phone plug systems (no 
     bananas yet) and here's what my feelings are:
     1/4" systems are more ergonomic for performance. Big cords, big plugs, 
     big knobs. At least in my case my fingers need room to move around in 
     and 1/4" jacks and 3/4" knobs are very comfortable. One 1/4" system 
     I've made ended up somewhat bigger than an ARP 2600 and 3 times as 
     deep (and heavy), but I can still carry it. Similar in module count to 
     a 2600 but more stuff. Mechanically it's bulletproof.
     1/8" systems can be made real small. I made a teeny little modular 
     with 1/8" jacks and tiny knobs. Tweaking it is like adjusting EQ on a 
     mixer except with wires in the way. But it's a 3 VCO system the size 
     of a big dictionary and is every bit as capable of blowing up the PA 
     as a bigger system is. It's best to set it and forget it, since the 
     1/8" jacks are mechanically very cheesey when bumped.
     Now for the design part - I like the "more modular" approach, even 
     though my systems aren't really modular (real modulars by the strict 
     definition of the term use removeable interchangeable modules). I zone 
     off one big panel into module areas that only share power and CV/Gate 
     stuff, so I guess you can call it "semi-modular". I don't even make 
     "normalled" connections because I feel that they take away from the 
     sound creation mindset.
     Each modular function is in a separate module. My big modular does 
     have one CV pad each on the VCOs, VCFs, and VCAs, but all audio mixing 
     is done via seperate mixers.
     My teeny modular has a different approach - no extras on any module. 
     On the top row are all the VC stuff and EGs. The middle row is all 
     attenuators, general purpose. The bottom row is LFOs, mixers, 
     inverters, noise, etc. Lots of room saving but lots of wire tracing as 

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Subject: Modular jack sizes
Author:  Mark McLemore <mgm at> at ccrelayout
Date:    7/24/95 15:00
     >I'm in the process of coming up with an overall design for my next 
     >modular synth project, and I am soliciting some advice and opinions 
     >on connector preference.

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