I am new to this list

Thierry Rochebois thierry at marion.ief-paris-sud.fr
Thu Jul 20 11:12:10 CEST 1995

Bonjour from France,

My name is Thierry Rochebois,
I am a thesis student in the Universite Paris Sud Orsay
in France.

My thesis topic will certainly be interesting for many people on
this list as it is:
"The study of timbral transitions and melodies in the perceptual
space and in the physical space" More clearly, my goal is to
design a synthesis technique (it will certainly be a digital one).

I am also interested in paradoxical sound and music (Risset/Shepard).
And in analogue synthesizers and electronics (as I was formerly
trained as an electronics engineer). So I designed a paradoxical
sound synthesizer.

My hobbies also includes collecting data about PreMoogean instruments.

You can see all these things on my WWW pages:

Au revoir,

	Thierry Rochebois
thierry at marion.ief-paris-sud.fr

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