Pro-2 & Modular Pleassures

Haible_Juergen#Tel2743 HJ2743 at
Fri Jul 14 22:35:00 CEST 1995


Got a Pro-2 a few days ago, and integrated it into my Modular
system. It's great fun to play the Modular duophonically from
the OB-8. I tried the two VCO's with sync, Ringmod, Scanner
with duophonic control, as well as routing the high note priority
VCO thru the SEM filter and the low note priority VCO with
the SSM filter (each with its own envelope).
It's FUN to play a monophonic line with such a layer sound,
and then randomly throw in duophonic effects!
Another thing I found by chance: The aux outputs are capable
of a rather high voltage (14V ?). I routed one of them to a 1V/Oct
VCO input, and voila: with the OB-8's modulation lever I got
pseudo S&H glitter effects at the palm of my hand. Now, thats
a way to take advantage of limited quantisation.
I didn't like the quantisation on the pitch bend, though, nor do I like
the mini jacks (lots of adaptors + patchbay ...). But all in all,
I am very content with it. After my honeymoon, I think I will add
voltage controlled portamento, footswitch inputs for retrigger options
and stuff.
BTW: Got the unit from TBS. As it's a V/Hz unit and I wanted to
have the simple, cheaper one, they just said take it with You and we'll
exchange it when we get the other ones. They even refused to take
money in advance. Instead they said try and see if You like it. If
You are content, then pay it when the other one comes. If not, just
give it back then. Now, that's the way I like to buy gear!  They surely
are the best and most honest dealers around.


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