New idea sawtooth generator (fwd)

Ric Miller rmiller at
Thu Jul 13 00:50:38 CEST 1995

> > 4066 switches?  I don't know the specs of them off hand, but these are
> > high voltage switches.  Why not use 4016 switches?  (The latter I know
> > of a 300 ohm ON impedance).
> > Or how about JFET transistors as the switches?
> The 4066 and specifically the HC4066 have better specs than the 4016
> and general JFETs. The R(on) of the HC4066 is 25 ohm. R(on) of JFETs
> is from 30 ohm to a few hundred ohm. I prefer the (HC)4066 as it seems
> an ok switch and it is readily available.

Oh?  I'll keep that in mind then for switching applications.  I've been using
the 4016 in mostly everything, and overlooked the 4066 after a quick glimpse
at it's specs a few years ago.  Thanks for filling me in on that one.


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