Owner/Service Manuals...

Phillip Mills fleep at mpx.com.au
Sun Jul 9 17:50:00 CEST 1995


I finally get time to fix up everything on my database for the
Owner/Service Manuals.  After some considerable time due to Apple (my
employer) releasing thousands of new products and having to learn all
ofthem off by heart to offer tech support, i finally get in on the weekend
and post this up!

Following is the list of Manuals that I have.  This does not include
magazines, electronotes, other peoples schematics etc. This is the Japanese
Major League.

The idea behind of me doing this is to offer them FREE!!! Yes thats right
FREE of charge to anyone on the above lists for any items they want no
matter how many (but preferably not the whole lot in one hit! :))

There is one catch though...  Seeings I am putting up for photocopying,
postage, pulling my hair out, all i want in return is a postcard from your
home town.  Is that too hard?  I need to make my studio a bit more
colorful! :)

To order them, send on a postcard the list you want and post it to:

Phillip Mills
PO BOX 1585
Macquarie Centre
North Ryde   NSW   2113

Then i will send them over to you via airmail.  Many thanx to all the
people who have sent me stuff (Romeo - Tony - Matt - Damien -  Tom M & Jeff
and who ever i left out)

If you have any questions let us know.

If you have any of the American Selection (EG Moog, Arp, Buchla, Oberheim
etc..) I would love to get them!

There is another list with electronotes, polyphony copies, schematics for
effects, magazines and other stuff i have found, and this should be up

There will also be a book list of all the books i have photcopied, bought
all to do with synths or anything musical



|               Owner Manuals / Service Manuals                         |

Kawai           Owners Manual   K4r

Korg            Owners Manual   DS8
Korg            Service Manual  DS8
Korg            Owners Manual   EX8000
Korg            Service Manual  EX8000
Korg            Service Manual  Trident
Korg            Service Manual  Delta
Korg            Service Manual  PS3200
Korg            Service Manual  PS3100

Roland          Owners Manual   MKS7
Roland          Service Manual  MKS7
Roland          Owners Manual   D550
Roland          Service Manual  D550
Roland          Service Manual  SH101
Roland          Service Manual  SH5
Roland          Service Manual  SH1000
Roland          Service Manual  MPU401
Roland          Service Manual  TB303
Roland          Owners Manual   TR707/727
Roland          Service Manual  TR707/727
Roland          Owners Manual   TR808
Roland          Service Manual  TR808
Roland          Owners Manual   MKS50
Roland          Service Manual  MKS50

Siel            Owners Manual   DK600

StudioMaster    Owners Manual   ProMix 16:2

Oberheim        Owners Manual   Matrix 6r
Oberheim        Service Manual  Matrix 6r
Oberheim        Owners Manual   Matrix 12

Yamaha          Owners Manual   DX7IIFD
Yamaha          Owners Manual   SPX90II
Yamaha          Owners Manual   TX802


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