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Tue Jan 24 03:00:00 CET 1995

Hey, I'm still here!
Be sure to note that the EM IC Databook is now $25 because the
I neglected to include a bunch of datasheets in the first version.
I had to add over 50 pages if I remember right.  I think I managed
to send those pages to all the original purchasers.

I am now shipping domestically by Priority Mail at a cost of $5 for one
book or $7 for both.

Out of the US orders - please contact me for a shipping estimate before
you order.

Also, Global Priority shipping is now available from the postal service
for $6.95 to Europe and $8.95 to the "Pacific Rim".  The EM IC Databook
fits fine but the EMC book has to ship without the plastic GBC binding.
The shipper envelope is real thin cardboard and may get damaged in 
shipping (what can they do in a couple days...) but they will allow me
to place tape all around the edges, which may help.  My "normal" 
shipper bag is the best I could find and I haven't heard of any
complaints with it.

For faster response you might want to email me at:

klein_b at


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