Temp-Co resistors

A Robins syntech at uboat.u-net.com
Sun Dec 31 14:27:53 CET 1995

I am currently working on a new modular system, based on ARP circuits, and 
every exponential converter requires a temp-co resistor 1.87k 3400 PPM.
   The last time I used one of these was about 15 years ago when I built the 
Trancendant 2000 E.T.I. synth, the problem is... where do I find one in the U.K.
as all the stores like Maplin etc. don't stock them.
Hope somebody can help.


syntech at uboat.u-net.com
Andy Robins
syntech at uboat.u-net.com

"I need a unit to sample and hold!"

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