ARP Quadra Phaser

Mark Smart smart at
Thu Dec 21 20:41:11 CET 1995

Hi, everyone.

No, I haven't forgotten. U of Illinois' computer lab where I usually go to
scan stuff seems to be closed for the holidays, but I'll scan the schematic
at my first opportunity. Those of you who emailed me asking for FAXes, I
don't think that would work very well because the schematic is hand-written
and very small. It'll also have to be several pages because, along with the
actual ladder allpass filter, there is input compression and output
expansion (sort of in-line dbx for noise reduction), and the modulation
LFO, which is, of course, on a totally different board from the actual
phaser! There is also a switching circuit so you can modulate the phaser
with the envelope generator and I forget what else. Like everything else
on the Quadra, it is monstrous! I'll get all the relevant stuff, including
the text description of the circuit, scanned when I can and post the
address here for ftp'ing. Thanks for your patience.


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