AHDSR, advice and evil request...

Ethan B. Winn foxtrot at interport.net
Wed Dec 20 20:36:45 CET 1995

Hey all,

  Thanx for the "info" on the M*($ H@#$%S deal (for those of you on AH), we
ended up agreeing that we just weren't speaking in the same terms (I called
up some more local dealers and one quoted me around $125 for a DR 55, this
is a little insane)....but that has NOTHING to do w/ analog, so I'll get to
the point:

  I'm interested in constructing  an AHDSR and AHR type EG for a
drum/percussion/bass synth I'm begining to design, and was wondering if
anyone knew of any chips/schematics/techniques for implementing such
designs...i'm just getting into electronics and synth design and (I can
understand the basics but) was wondering what good books you'll would
recomend on the more _advanced_ tip for synth and audio ciruit
design...also, does anyone have the PAIA schematics for their ADSR in the
FatMan, as I saw that it had an optional "punch" thang...

  On a more evil note, I have a gear request (skip the rest of this if you
REALY can't stand "wanted"s, I'm ot sure it their still outlawed...) for a,
yes, you guessed it, DR 55...i'm going on a weeklong trip and NEED some sort
of drum to keep me sane:)...if you have one that you could part w/ or have
any other suggestions, please e-mail me as soon as possible (I'm leaving
this Fri. and am willing to pay for overnight delivery)...thanx...

Ethan Winn
MicroMind Tech. Support

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