AW: Electronotes in Europe

Haible_Juergen#Tel2743 HJ2743 at
Mon Dec 18 22:55:00 CET 1995

Master Copy I:

Kimmo Koli, Finland
Mikko Helin, Finland
Niklas Lindberg, Sweden
Damian Mitchell, England
Neil Durant, England
Kevin Dunnicliffe, England
Joachim Verghese, Finland

Master Copy II:

Joerg Junger, Germany
Gert Jalass, Germany
Rick Jansen, The Netherlands
I.G. Jensen, Denamrk
Juergen Haible, Germany



Chris Crosskey, England
(please tell us Your adress!)

Rich Holmes (please tell us Your adress!)

a guy without name who wrote "Hello Fellow Fanatics..."
(please tell us Your name and adress!)


I got my master back from the copy shop on the weekend,
so I think I can pass it on to Joerg Juenger before Christmas.
I will also pass the adress list on with the EN's, so the whole
thing will keep going ...


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