Electronotes in Europe

Joachim Verghese jocke at netcontrol.fi
Mon Dec 18 09:04:25 CET 1995


The following list members have so far expressed their interest in
participating in the Electronotes European distribution chain. If your
name is not mentioned here, and you would like to receive the circulating
Master Copy of the 120 page Electronotes Collection please mail me asap.

In fact, we've got two Master Copies, mine and Juergen Haible's, so the
circulation order will probably look something like this:

Master Copy I:

Kimmo Koli, Finland
Mikko Helin, Finland
Niklas Lindberg, Sweden
Damian Mitchell, England
Neil Durant, England
Kevin Dunnicliffe, England
Joachim Verghese, Finland

Master Copy II:

Joerg Junger, Germany
Gert Jalass, Germany
Rick Jansen, The Netherlands
I.G. Jensen, Denamrk
Juergen Haible, Germany



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