Q:Envelope generators

Joerg Junger junger at ims.uni-stuttgart.de
Tue Dec 12 13:58:52 CET 1995

Hi all,

I would like to add some envelope generators to my recently acquired
one panel Serge. I have some SSM 2056 ADSR chips and thanks to Juergen
I have also got the application sheet for this chip. I experimented
with it in connection with a SSM 2044 based filter but I was never
satisfied with the results so I gave up (I'm not an electronician).
But now I feel the urgent need to complete the Serge, as I've only got
one Dual Transient Generator which is a little bit limited. One of my
main problems has been that the peak of the envelope was 15 V (as far
as I've remembered). Any help appreciated!


Joerg Junger

Institut fuer maschinelle Sprachverarbeitung (IMS)
Universitaet Stuttgart
Azenberstr. 12
D-70174 Stuttgart
EMail :Joerg.junger at ims.uni-stuttgart.de

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