Paia Electronic Drum Tone Board

J303 at J303 at
Tue Dec 12 01:47:50 CET 1995

I just built my first Paia (well, first any DIY project!)
and would like some suggestions on implementation.
Has anyone else built this kit yet?
First, the card is really made for their (PAIA) ThumbDrum finger trigger pad
box.  So, all the connections for triggers, power and such are on a special
connection between the TD and the sound board.  
Now, I asked the guy at Paia, and he showed me how to wire the external
triggers to the card (I plan on either building a separate, MIDI-trigger
card, or using my 808, or using one of my peices of gear w/ sep. outs to
trigger it.
But I need a way to connect a power source to the box.  Since the power is
supposed to come from the TD.
Can someone tell me how I can build a simple power supply or use batteries
(preferrably) to power up this thing?  Also,   I need to know about the
trigger pulse.  The spots to connect the triggers I'm putting in are on a
sort of patching area, and so I only have 1 point to solder the trigger
signal into.  But doesn't the trigger signal have 2 leads?  And if so, do
they connect to a common ground?  It looks like this:
                    |"     "|    
                    |"     "|
    Sounds->  |"     "|        <--Trigger connections
                    |"     "|
                    |"     "|
                    |"     "|
And you wire connectors across the pins in the way that you want the sounds
assigned to certain trigger pads.  So the paia guy told me to just wire the
external triggers to the points above.  Will this work?

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