AW: Re: Pulse width circuit??????

Joachim Verghese jocke at
Thu Dec 7 12:18:09 CET 1995

On Wed, 6 Dec 1995 gstopp at wrote:

>      You got the idea... however no matter what chip I try in the future 
>      I'll be looking at the scope as the second-to-the-last test. No matter 
>      what the numbers are on the spec sheet, I want to look at the square 
>      wave on the scope and see a pair of dashed lines going from left to 
>      right, complimentary to each other, perfectly flat, with nothing in 
>      between them, at all audio frequencies, into a 1K load to ground. No 
>      ringing, overshoot, slews, slopes, asymmetries, or artifacts. If I see 
>      that I'm happy.

Just remember that what you see on the scope isn't necessarily what
you've got in reality. Pulses/fast transients are especially problematic.

Don't forget to calibrate the probes! :))



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