PLL Experiments

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Sat Aug 19 19:48:13 CEST 1995

In a message dated 95-08-19 11:49:35 EDT, chordman at writes:

> For my needs, the settling time is too long.  I am 
>hoping to reduce this effect to not more than a short chirp.
>Have any others of you done this kind of thing?  I am interested in 
>frequency multiplication, particularly by 3.  That would allow me to 
>generate a perfect fifth without having to dedicate a VCO to that.
Have you got a copy of Lancaster's CMOS Cookbook? As I recall there's a
pretty good section on PLLs in music.  You should be able to cure your
overdamping problem by tweaking the loop filter.  I sure hope you don't ask
specifically how, though. It's in the book.


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