Electronic Music Circuits Book-IC Databook

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I have finally found a copy center to copy my books!  Should be ready to
ship next week.

Electronic Music Circuits
This is a complete copy of the original book (published by Sams in 1982).  It
contains circuits for most every type of module you would want to make for
a modular analog synthesizer.  Some circuits are my own, some slightly modified
from the Digisound series, many Electronotes circuits.  There were a few
errors in the original printing and I have made the corrections in this copy.
Also, this copy is enlarged up to 8 1/2" x 11" - lots easier to read!  I 
include a 32 page update booklet that suggests alternative approaches, parts 
substitutions, an updated source list, etc.  There are no new circuits (in case 
you have the original book already).  Many of the circuits use CEM/SSM chips 
that are no longer available, but these circuits may serve as examples for 
repairing analog synths using these IC's.  There are discrete examples of VCO's, 
VCF's, envelope generators, etc. many of which you have seen discussed on this 
list.  Page count is around 335 pages.

Electronic Music IC Databook
This is a collection of all SSM and Curtis Electromusic (CEM) IC datasheets
as well as volume 1 and 2 of the Curtis Synthesource shortlived newsletter/
applications bulletin.  As the majority of these IC's are no longer 
manufactured, this manual serves as a one source reference databook for all of 
them.  The written material in these datasheets is surprisingly detailed 
as to how the IC's work internally, and how they should be applied.  The
Synthesource material is especially cool.  I also include some material 
from Linear Integrated Systems, a source for matched transistor pairs.  
Page count is around 230 pages (8 1/2" x 11").  

Both books are printed both sides, 8 1/2" x 11", with a comb binding, clear
cover.  The books should be able to lay flat on the bench, but will not fold
completely around like a spiral binding would do.

Electronic Music Circuits.....................  $30  plus shipping/handling
Electronic Music IC Databook..................  $20  plus shipping/handling

These things are quite massive/heavy, probably will run several pounds
for both together.  I think $5 each should cover US mail 3rd/4th class 
plus the purchase of the mailer, for delivery in North America.  But for
those of you outside the US continent, shipping can get quite expensive,
depending on the method chosen.  I'll have a better handle on shipping 
costs after I get the first copies back.  

Method of Payment
I don't have a charge card account so all transactions will be by money 
order.  But for those of you outside the US, I really don't know how
best to do it because there apparently are major bank charges for transferring
foriegn funds into US currency.  If you have any suggestions - let me know!

Ordering Procedure
I'd like it if you would contact me first by email with your intention to
purchase any of the books.  I then know to expect a letter from you, and
you know that I am expecting it, etc.  I can then notify you by email when
your package goes out.  Also, I should have a handle on how to handle overseas
shipments and cash transfers in a couple weeks, after suggestions come in.

My address:

Barry Klein
32041 Pleasant Glen Rd.
Trabuco Canyon, CA   92679
714-932-7493 wk phone

klein_b at a1.wdc.com    -    work address, fastest response back
barry.klein at solar.org   -   through a BBS, takes a while sometimes 

So that's about it, any questions just pass em on.  Buy a book and
start building!

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