OK, who's the joker.

fleep at mpx.com.au fleep at mpx.com.au
Fri Aug 18 16:11:00 CEST 1995

At 18:09 17/8/95, honcho at paia.com wrote:
>But this one, with the parts "soldered" to the board with hot
>glue, makes no sense.  I mean, it's not even silver colored.  I
>think someone is playing a very nasty joke. I have to say, no
>return address on the package is a nice touch but c'mon guys,
>'fess up, which of you clowns is responsible for this?

This is a real doozy!  Congrats to the person who did this!  I never though
of doing it this way...  Maybe i might try super glue! :)

fleep! :) <laughing real hard!>

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