OK, who's the joker.

honcho at paia.com honcho at paia.com
Fri Aug 18 01:09:28 CEST 1995

In the past we've seen our share of repairs where the parts were 
on the wrong side of the board.  We've seen liquid solder used on 
parts (I suppose it makes sense if you have a room temperature 
IQ, particularly expressed celsius).  We have even _really seen_ 
macaroni pushed over wires that were to be covered with 

But this one, with the parts "soldered" to the board with hot 
glue, makes no sense.  I mean, it's not even silver colored.  I 
think someone is playing a very nasty joke. I have to say, no 
return address on the package is a nice touch but c'mon guys, 
'fess up, which of you clowns is responsible for this?


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