Thomas Henry

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Tue Aug 15 15:00:40 CEST 1995

hi all- I've seen Tom's name mentioned several times on these and 
other mailing lists. Tom did a good bit of work with PAiA and 
Polyphony (he was within abut 5 minutes of being Polyphony 
editor, but then Device went down and Craig was looking for a way 
to fulfill subscriptions and ... well, it's a long story). 
Anyway, there are still those interested in building his super 
controller and other circuits.

I got mail from Tom the other day (ain't web pages GREAT!) and 
fans will probably like to know that he's as ascerbic and cynical 
as ever.  The URL for his home page is . His email address 
is tchenry at VAX1.MANKATO.MSUS.EDU .


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