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honcho at paia.com honcho at paia.com
Tue Aug 8 14:48:29 CEST 1995

hi all- I just got my autographed copy of the 17th printing of 
Don Lancasters "Active Filter Cookbook". This is my third or 
fourth copy. But even if I didn't get them free it would 
definitely be in my library because it definitely gets used a 

Now, Don gets into some math (if you're already a Lancaster fan 
you know how handy his "math behind" sidebars are) but friends, 
when you work this filters, you gotta - some. And Don does give 
as good a feel for "how the numbers move" in plain english as 
anyone I know. There are also plenty of nomographs for doing 
quick cuts on things and tons schematics. The one thing I wish it 
had that it doesn't is a ladder filter analysis.

It's published by Synergetics Press, which is Don's company. I 
suppose you can order them on Don's help-line (520) 428-4073 or 
from box 809, Thatcher AZ 85552. I don't have the price in front 
of me, but I think it's about $38. His Email address is 
synergetics at genie.geis.com . If you talk to him, tell him honcho 
says hi.

No, after counless years I don't know what a tinaja is.


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