Per Mellander synapz at
Mon Aug 7 22:28:42 CEST 1995

As a new member of this list I thought it might be appropriate with a short
presentation of myself.

29 years old, live in Sweden. Works in a surveying firm in Gothenburg.I do a
lot of UNIX stuff on my work. My hobbies are ( beside electronics )
dogsledding ( I have 3 Siberian Huskies ), mending my house and playing my
synthezisers. Currently owns a Ensoniq VFX, Yamaha CS5 a Quadraverb and some
other stuff. I run CUBASE on Atari for seq.

The reason to join synt-diy is that I'm also building a monosynth. The idea
is to build a modular piece in the end but the current version are more like
a huge prototype filled with handsoldered PCB's.

It has, 
2 VCO, 
1 12dB VCF ( was ready this weekend ) 
1 24 db VCF
1 EG ( adsr type )

most of it are my own designs or partly 'stolen' :) from various APP-Notes.

All is controlled by a uP-card that does MIDI to CV and triggering. My
intentions are to be able to use the uP to store soundparameters.

CU Mel

  ------------------- M E L E C T R O N I C ------------------------ 
        Analog and digital design, MIDI'ing old analogues,
                       soon to be released;
          EDM, the Electronic Dream Modular Syntheziser.
           Phone +46 300 21345, E-mail synapz at

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