Moog Prodigy VCO

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> Are there any people on this list who are familiar with the Moog 
> Prodigy?  I'd like to hear any feedback on how stable it's vcos are.
> I'm bringing this up because I've been looking at Rick Jansen's vco 
> design, which seems to be a mix of the prodigy and the national oscillators
> Is it really necessary to add all of the tempco stuff from the national 
> design when you can do without it? 

The Prodigy VCOs *are* temperature stabilized basically like the AN-299 
VCO. They also use a 3046 array which is temperature controlled.
> I like the vco design, I guess I'm just too lazy to order some of those 
> funky diodes the circuit uses.  

The LM329 is a common voltage reference, and the thing that *makes* the

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S&H's a module and s&h's looking good

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