[sdiy] How many sheep

Sean-E shudder at optusnet.com.au
Wed Mar 9 09:14:24 CET 1994

Hi all,

If you're happy to use software, MDA offer a free VST plugin that does
shepherd tones. There aren't many options but at least you get the tone.

Sean Ellis

>>A reasonable digital solution (VAZ Modular does have a multiphase saw+tri
>>but for phases is not enough and the program sounds crappy) for any of the
>>actual options?
>The Csound synthesis program can do Shepard tones without batting an eye.
>If you're into Csound, you can probably find several implementations in
>of the instrument libraries.  I seem to remember one in Russel Pinkston's
>The Nord Modulars will do it too.  I've got a patch that does Shepard tones
>using 8 oscillators that'll run in a Micro.  Email me if you're interested.
>Byron Jacquot

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