Radio shack Electronic Record / Playback Module Kit

Sean-E shudder at
Thu Mar 3 19:39:34 CET 1994

Hi Andrew and all,

I looked at a few different recording ICs for a DIY sampler but the two I've
tried had a big, annoying delay between when the 'sample' is triggered and
when it decides to play. The ones I tried were APR9301-single shot but great
pitch/sample rate bending, and ISD 1416. This one held 8 'samples' but
didn't reset until the sample was finished playing (and no amount of
electronic abuse would do it :) Can't tell what is used in that kit but it
looks different again. Velleman kits usually only have the component overlay
and a schematic (if your lucky) so you'll need a datasheet to see what's


>Hey everyone,
>The radioshack in my area is sellling what is normally
>a $60 digital recording/playback IC/Kit (Velleman
>K4400) for $10. They still have a few of the kits.
>Info on the product is here:
>What I'm wondering is, would it be worthwhile to pick
>up a couple of these and try to make some sort of
>experimental lo-fi sampler/noisemaker thingie with a
>couple of them? Is there anywhere on the web where you
>think I might be able to find pinouts for the chip
>they use? I am not really a designer, but I am pretty
>good at circuit bending, and especially if I know what
>each pin on the chip is supposed to do, I can usually
>come up with something interesting if I know what I
>have in front of me. These have me interested because
>I hacked my casio sk-5 toy sampler recently and the
>sounds it makes are amazing now. I am thinking that I
>can construct something along the same lines with a
>couple of these.
>So what do you guys/gals(?) think, is this thing
>hackable into something interesting?
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