[sdiy] EMMA

David Salter david at gelfling.demon.co.uk
Tue Nov 25 21:33:50 CET 1980

EMMA is I believe no more.

Mark Jenkins had nothing to do with it.

It revolved around some guys who who ran a specilaist record shop and
friends living in Derby.

Four EMMA festivals were held, I was fortunate enough to attend three.

Try David Barker at SMD (Synth Music Direct, they are on the web) he may
know more.



In message <00b901c0cdbd$0fde16e0$9c4501d5 at paul>, Paul Maddox
<Paul.Maddox at wavesynth.com> writes
>> Does anyone have any contact info for the Electronic Music and Musicians
>> Association in the UK please?
>if you find out anything let me know..
>I have heard some stories about EMMA and Mark Jenkins (who I think runs it),
>mostly not good...
>You should also checkout http://www.synthmusicdirect.com
>they organise events at Jodrell bank that are supposed to be superb!
>Paul Maddox

David Salter

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